Tuesday, March 20, 2012

True Black Leadership - No Where to Be Found.....

True black leadership as we have all grown to know it, to me, is long gone. Those who stood on principles, the Word of God, and sound judgment, just seem to be no where to be found. The only way anyone seems to want anything to do with helping an in need African American family is when someone has died. Sad, but take a look, it is true.

What has happened to joining in on a cause while victims are yet alive? I don't know, but that seemed to be the case long ago. You only hear of those who have been killed in this day and time, or about to be executed, or shall I say killed. Why are we not stepping in at the Elementary School level, why are we not stepping in on local issues that share similar patterns of racial discrimination? Why are we reacting and not being pro-active? Fight for the local issues, the national ones, will take care of themselves.

I talked to a Spanish speaking lady in a NJ Department Of Justice, she told me, "Don't make the matter about Black people, everyone knows they are going to vote Democrat, they already have them in their pockets. Go after other groups that the elected official has to fight for their vote". Then it hit me. No one cares about us while we are alive because they don't have to EARN our VOTE. Where are the Black Leaders of today that make public calls for real local help? Since there are none calling these elected officials to the carpet, as they say, they don't care about our needs. They know our sold-out Black leaders of today just want a seat at the dinner table or an invite to the next fund-raiser once they have been elected. These elected officials make promises on the phone or in private meetings that they never publicly keep. Our Black Leaders of today believe because they have a public officials home number or cell phone number they are well connected. Simple pacification, and the Black leaders of  today will sacrifice our entire community. Our Black leaders today just want to be their friends and work with the elected officials, so they make no noise, and they make no real demands of the elected officials to publicly support OUR COMMUNITY on REAL LOCAL ISSUES. So with no real leaders speaking out to make elected officials EARN our VOTE, I guess only deaths will be heard about because local issues might make the elected official too mad to call or invite them out to dinner.......

The days are dark and I see women, men, children, babies running up to a door, knocking, crying out for help from the house of the NAAACP, the trusted place to go to for our issues of racial discrimination, when I look in the window to see inside the house, I see, white faces, Latino faces, who are gays or immigrants they stand there, INSIDE the house with someone telling them, "We are taking action for you", but then I see a woman with a black face, the NAAACP comes to the door, steps outside the door closes the door behind them and says to the black woman, go do this, go back do that. She has done all they told her to do, all while being beat by her oppressors, the black woman makes it back barely hanging on to reality to the NAAACP's door, she knocks, HELP she screams, there is no answer, she looks around and those who she ran from are at her hills, she screams HELP, this time they don't open the door at all, instead shout through the door, "Shut up you are making too much noise". They walk away from the door, yelling "I am busy on the phone making arguments for groups of white gays, groups of Hispanics and fighting fights for non-partisan political groups, I have main stream issues they have allowed me to report on, your issue is not big enough". With little to no life left in her, bloody knuckles from nonstop knocking, she knocks yet again, screams with a weaker voice HELP! They crack the door open and say "Be quite, you are going to get all of us all killed". They shut the door, she hears the deadbolt lock, and she hears them say, Sir we don't know who she is or why she has anything to do with the NAAACP. Her heart and her Hope sinks, she knows they have left her out in the dark alone, as she looks around evil comes in from every side, JESUS!!!, she screams, night turns into day in the blink of an eye, God shows the way. African American Leadership is Born.

We have to speak out for ourselves please see my YouTube channels of many stories of discrimination. Let us tell your story call me. 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

North Carolina Needs an Oversite Committee

In the state of North Carolina, it seems as if you can be targeted very easily if you stand up for your rights. It also seems as if there are no agencies to go to state or non-profit to have a county or state agency investigated for misconduct or racial discrimination.

My conclusion is North Carolina needs a state based civil rights office that will prosecute, enforce, put behind bars those who have been found guilty of discrimination.

If you are for a new civil rights office in your state contact you local representative tell him to open the office.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Voiceless People

Yesterday, I went to Robeson County, NC to meet families who have been victims of Racial Discrimination in the school system and the judicial system here in North Carolina. It was disheartening and  encouraging all at the same time. Here on one hand you have stories of outright racism, a school system that has failed to protect our children and on the other hand, parents strong enough to fight back, risking it all for the sake of their child.

Watch and listen to this child tells the story of how he feels like killing himself because there is no where to go to stop the racist remarks and treatment from both students and teachers.

His parents speak of their call for help with the superintendent of the school district with no help from him or the school resource officer who works for the local sheriff department. It will bring tears to your eyes and make you wonder why has nothing been done to help these families from any agency.

If you pray please pray for this young man and his family...
Look at him on this video click here for his testimony...                                                                                         
Part 2   
Part 3 
Part 4